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 Gordon is fantastic! He is a great CPA and such a kind man. I came to him with my tax return which had 16 different states included in it, and basically was a mess. He was able to help me file in a timely manner and also help me with any questions I had. He is also always available, which is great. I will be returning to Gordon next year and many years to come for my taxes.

-LJ Hyde

Gordon is the epitome of professionalism, competence and empathy all within one practice. He is creative in his approach to his practice and extremely thorough in terms of the product he delivers. Gordon takes time to ask the right questions in the beginning to make sure that the end result doesnt need to be revised. My taxes were filed in a timely fashion and he even took time to direct me to other contacts i needed in my own profession for business. I will use Gordon religiously to complete my taxes moving forward. And for someone who mainly uses computers for everything, declaring that is a lot! Great experience !


Gordon is an amazing CPA! He is super friendly and knowledgable and very detail oriented. He made everything so easy and stress free. I'd highly recommend him and will definitely be using him next year.

-Andrea Dileo

 I recommend Mr. Schaefer highly as a CPA. We have done business with him for more than five years. We are pleased to say that all business has been conducted by Mr. Schaefer and his company in a satisfactory manner.  Mr. Schaefer and his staff have always been most quickly in providing information and advice, he has a broad range of information that has been helpful to us.

-Thuy Nguyenlam

Gordon was very helpful and informative in helping me with my taxes for myvery first time. He was kind, and always available. I greatly appreciate his professionalism and I look forward to utilizing his talents again.

-Andrew Williams

Gordon Schafer Jr. has been a CPA for our family for a long time and has always performed an excellent job. He is good at communicating on all levels and very thorough with his work. I would recommend him to any body that needs his type of expertise.

-Belinda Millet

Gordon has been very helpful with the tax process. I started my business not to long ago and was very nervous about the whole process since I don't know about the complicated process. But he has put me at ease. Gordon is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything in way that is understandable. Every time I have a question he responds ASAP and he always file my taxes on time with out any problems. I'm so thankful for Gordon. :)

-Twila B

 He was incredibly responsive, not judgmental, and very good at completing my tax return quickly and accurately. I would recommend him to any independent contractor. Thanks for your work, Gordon!

-Mariana Santiago

 I've been working with Gordon a few years now and it has been a pleasure. He does great work, he really knows his stuff, and he's fun to talk to as well.

-Sean Morrison

Reliable and thorough. Couldn't have been happier with everything. Will use again next year.

-Kiff Magor

 I met Gordon shortly after my liver transplant and he has been so awesome in helping get my taxes back in order being that I was so sick and unable to handle myself. He made sure I had all documents required to make the process so smooth and painless. The man knows his stuff and I would recommend at the drop of a dime. Kudos to Gordon!! 


I have known Gordon Schafer since 1992 when our daughters started pre K together. At that time had a business accountant and did our personal taxes my self. When the business accounting passed away and I could get very little information from his family about my records, I turned to Gordon. He help reconstruct the necessary records and has been doing the taxes of our corporation and LLC since 2007. He will also do my personal taxes for 2015 because my husband and business partner passed away this year. I am complete confident with my tax returns in Gordon's hands.

-Avin Squires

Gordon was very professional and extremely informative in explaining the unusual circumstances concerning my tax issues. He has helped me understand the difficult rules involving taxes and what can be done to alleviate any future problems. Highly recommend his services.

-Beverly Dugas

Gordon was a great help as my wife and I started our new business. He helped up get our books set up and always keeps us up to date on the entire process. I would highly recommend Gordon for our accounting and tax needs.

-John Reinagel

Gordon did our taxes this year. We had a lot of complicated changes this past year and were dreading tax time. Gordon knew exactly what to do and was very thorough! He got them done and worked with our tight schedules. Thanks!

-Brandi Nesladek

Highly recommended. He's very competent and able. Do not hesitate to give your tax problems to this man. He'll take good care of you.  

-Gerard J. Rigney

I have been using Gordon for 10 years. Always available. Professional. Highly recommended.  

-Curtis McCarty, MD

great guy!!! made tax time very easy, got a nice refund.

-Earl Munch

Gordon was really great to work with. Very professional and very thorough! Always a call away and more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. Can't recommend enough! 5 Stars!

-Kyle Poehling

Definitely one of my most stress-free experiences while filing taxes. Mr. Gordon kept everything simple, while being extremely informative. He is definitely someone trustworthy and that I would highly recommend.

-Today Realty

Gordon was both polite and professional. We recently lost my Mother and needed help with their taxes as they had not filed yet. He graciously worked with us as we had to wait for papers (death certificate etc.) to be filed and things that needed filing before papers (things that he needed to do his actual job) were sent to us for filing taxes. Once received is was taken care of in a very timely manner and he managed to get back more than usual for my father. Thanks for all your help Gordon.

-Thomas J. Rigney Jr

As both an individual and a small business owner, I have struggled with various accountants (CPA's) over the years. This is my first year experience with Gordon, and it is also the first year in about 10 that my taxes have been filed on time. While I know almost zero about accounting, it is also the first year that I feel secure that what has been sent to the IRS and LA State income tax divisions is accurate. I appreciate that when Gordon had a question about anything, he would pick up the phone and call to seek clarification rather than just plugging in some number to finalize a form. I would highly recommend this individual

-Gaylen Harris

I am the owner of a small real estate investment company in New Orleans. The company was established in 1995. At that time I had a very efficient lady as our CPA up until 2007, when she became ill and had to retract her services from our company. Since that time I have floundered around with yearly tax returns from other CPA's and even one tax attorney, but have never felt totally "confident" that my tax returns were completed efficiently and/or to our best advantage. This year I found Gordon F. Schafer and presented him with my issue(s). I found Gordon to be very knowledgeable, efficient, and most important of all, willing to listen to my inputs/concerns. Our tax returns have now been filed (in a timely manner once again!) for the year 2014. Now, for the first time in several years, I feel we have filed our returns timely, correctly and efficiently. Thank you Gordon for my new found peace of mind!

-Ccroq Enterprises

Gordon has been our accountant for ten years and has helped us with our business and personal filings. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, and we are very satisfied with his services. Even when we are behind in getting him our financials, Gordon always comes through for us!

-Sarah Chancellor

My experience with Gordon Schafer was great! He was very knowledgeable and had a quick turn around time and overall great customer service. Highly recommend him!

-Kellie Schneider

Did a great job! Very easy to work with, polite and kept me up to date the whole time. Couldn't ask for a better experience.

-Vincent Vaccaro

Gordon has been extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable in the year he's been working for my wife and I. We are currently a very small account for him but he has made time for us and gone out of his way to help and make our account feel as if it were the most important to him. He has been the most knowledgeable and helpful member of our team. We look forward to growing with him and couldn't be happier!!! Thank You!

-Marc Tremblay

I would recommend Mr. Schafer for any of your tax needs, he is very thorough and prompt, he is very professional and an expert in his field of knowledge. He did my son's taxes for 2013 and it was not an easy tax preparation he quided us through every step. Highly recommend!!!!

-Rebecca Ledet

I was out to my neck with questions. Gordon was more then happy to answer every question that I had. I not only got fast service but great service. I will use him again & again. You can not go wrong with Gordon

-Stan Heck

Gordon came to us highly recommended by our original tax preparer who retired a few years ago. Every year since, Gordon has lived up to those lofty expectations. He is customer service driven, knowledgeable and thorough in the latest tax laws and preparation, detail oriented, and highly security conscious regarding personal information and electronic filing. He consistently keeps the lines of communication open, eager to answer any questions or provide advice, and promptly returns phone calls and/or email messages. Simple or complex, I would recommend Gordon’s services to anyone needing tax preparation assistance.

-Randy Philips

Mr.Gordon F. Schafer is one of the most reliable individuals I know. He has saved me thousands of dollars in tax penalties simply by following his carefully constructed advice.  

Should you be a Sol Proprietor or Small Business Owner or Contractor his expertise as an experienced CPA and trusted Business Advisor might be well worth your while considering if you are thinking of a move towards growing your business or getting the most from your hard earned money, where accounting is concerned.  

Gordon has served on the Board of Directors of a very prestigious local Catholic School that I am familiar with and has been a member of Local Civic,Mardi Gras and Historical Organizations. His life long residency and love for the New Orleans area and South Louisiana has given him a unique professional perspective of this financially unique area of the United States.

 I will wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone as someone you can trust and rely upon to "Get the Job Done" when those "last Minuet" changes need to be made you can count on Mr.Schafer to be your "go too" accountant and CPA!!!

-  George Soule' McConnell

Gordon came highly recommended to me and has been my CPA for four years. I am very satisfied with his knowledgeable, quick and efficient service. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent tax accountant.

-Donna Peirce

Gordon has been my tax preparer for several years now, and I am more than completely satisfied. He is knowledgeable, dedicated, and extremely hard-working. I would heartily recommend his services to anyone, whether their tax needs are simple or complex. Oh, yes,and his prices are very reasonable.

-Steve Baker

Gordon is a true accounting professional. In my direct dealings with Gordon, I found him to be very personable, listened to my accounting concerns, and was up on all the latest IRS and Louisiana state tax regulations. Highly recommended.

-Larry Battin

Though I understand a fair amount about bookkeeping and taxes, Gordon has been great in checking my bookkeeping and then filing returns for a new and somewhat complicated LLC that goes beyond my comfort level in tax filing. Thank you, Gordon.

-Timothy Watson

Very thorough in compiling figures for return and checking deductions.

-Guillermo Nanez

Excellent service and extra fast. Gordon solved all my tax problems and put my mind at ease. First rate.

-Gordon Wilson

Though I understand a fair amount about bookkeeping and taxes, Gordon has been great in checking my bookkeeping and then filing returns for a new and somewhat complicated LLC that goes beyond my comfort level in tax filing. Thank you, Gordon

-Timothy Watson

He is very tentative to the details and he will takes good care of you.

-Kodee Nguyen

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